Tholwana e Molemo


implemented at   Erf 50590, Madika Street, Kutlwanong, Odendaalsrus, Free State.

The objectives that Tholwana e Molemo set out to achieve are:

1. Create a Centre Of Excellence

2. Create a Centre Of Learning

3. Create a Centre Of Innovation

4. Create a Centre Of Sustainability

Tholwana e Molemo will achieve the above while also addressing

1. Food Security

2. Water Security/Conservation

3. Environmental Conservation/Rehabilitation

Tholwana e Molemo believes that this project will not only present the community of Kutlwanong with a green open space but endow it with the first Green Star Rated building in the Free State.

The community will learn how to implement the fundamentals of a green economy through the 4 R’s of sustainability:

1. Reduce

2. Re-Use

3. Recycle And

4. Re-Purpose

This project will deliver the following structures and services to the site:

• An intensive food garden that strives to produce a maximum yield crop in the most ecofriendly and organic way

• An eco-centre where skills in food production can be transferred to community members and visitors

• An open space where visitors and community members can relax and reflect in a green environment.