Tholwana e Molemo

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2.   Vision and Mission


To be a prominent Free State based non profit organisation delivering a broad spectrum of services with a footprint across South Africa and the African continent.


Implement programmes and projects that contribute towards the following aspects of communities:

* community development

* health and wellness including HIV and AIDS awareness

* nutrition and food security

* economic development and entrepreneurship

* skills development

* job creation

* organisational capacity building


3.   Organisational Structure

4.   Overview of organisation’s activities

Tholwana E Molemo is a Free State based non profit organisation registered on 05 July 2006 in terms of the Nonprofit Organisation Act, 1997 with registration number NPO 049-618. Tholwana currently operates in all five districts of the Free State Province in various capacities and projects. Tholwana’s administrative office is at 14 Plettenberg Street, Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein and registered head office at 2618 Unit One, Selosesha, Thaba Nchu with an implementation office at 748 Mofoka Location, Thaba Nchu.


The organisation’s main activities include the following:

Programme for Transgender people implementing an integrated, peer-led HIV/TB/ SRHR package for transgender (TG) people in the Mangaung District of the Free State Province in line with the NSP package and the National LGBTI HIV Plan for a period of three years.

the implementation of the Global Fund Advocacy Programme for Gay Men and Men that have sex with men (MSM) in the Mangaung District of the Free State Province for a period of three years.

The duties of the Implementing Agent included but were not limited to:

 - Drawing of a comprehensive Site Plan including detailed Work Plan and Training    Plan for consideration and approval by Local                  Municipality and COGTA.

 - Implementation of the approved Work Plan and ensuring that it is monitored and    the progress made is evaluated on a continuous          basis in order to ensure     adherence to the time frames and objectives of the implementation plan.

 - Administrative staff ensures the generation and maintenance of accurate work    registers and the uploading of information on the           online Management System to    ensure timeous payment of monthly stipends to participants.

 - Consultations with the Reference Committee, Municipality, Provincial     Departments responsible for Local Government and COGTA         Provincial     Coordinators on all issues pertaining to the successful implementation of this    programme in Maluti-A-Phofung.

 - Preparation of a monthly cost plan with a list of material requirements for     procurement, source suitable suppliers, obtain competitive quotations and submit   for approval to COGTA.

 - Conduct a skills audit and determine the training required,  source quotations    from accredited training providers and oversee the           training courses.

 - Provide in-house capacity building for coordinators in supervisory positions.

 - Undertake physical stock takes and manage Stock and Asset Control.

 - Allocate beneficiaries to work teams and identify useful work to be carried out by    each team in the four main anchor works i.e.             Agriculture (vegetable gardens);    Construction; Environmental  Cleaning and Social Sector (Home Based Care,    Feeding Schemes, E        ECD Support)

 - Oversee the implementation of the useful work.

 - Provide COGTA with detailed monthly reports on the progress of the site in    accordance with the approved Site Plan and Work Plan.

 Re Kgaba Ka Diratswana Project

 Qala Tala offered mentorship to the Re Kgaba Ka Diratswana project of the Department  of Agriculture and Rural Development from July 2013 to March 2014.  The main  objectives of the project were to:

 - Encourage the household food production and use of culturally appropriate,    traditional and under-utilised food crops, including            grains, root crops, fruits and    vegetables;

 - Promote home (backyard) and, where appropriate, school gardens and urban    agriculture, using sustainable technologies, and                encourage the sustainable    utilisation of unused or under-utilised resources;

 - Enable food insecure households, families and individuals to meet their food and    nutritional requirements through production  of         vegetables.

  More than 8000 households, schools, churches and other community     institutions have been involved in the project to date in 18         towns across     five districts in the Province.  In total, over 31 000 people have benefited from the   garden programme to date.

 Entrepreneur Development: Food Security/Production

 The entrepreneur development programme initiated by Qala Tala has resulted in the first  participants in the mentorship programme successfully launching their own business. The  business is owned by  Mokete and Luckyboy Hlalele and specialises in the creation and   maintenance of high yield and intensive food gardens. They also won their first contract  with Sun International.

 Youth Food Production Programme

 The Youth Food Production Programme run by Qala Tala encourages school children to  create their own gardens using waste material and growing high yield vegetables for own  consumption and also to sell for income generation. Children receive certificates for their  participation and engage in a social contract with Qala Tala to commit to growing   their own vegetables.

 - head a team of candidate researchers that will provide empirical data on a pre-   determined sample of settled restitution cases (based     on an assessment of the    actual case files and with the  assistance of a centrally developed assessment    tool). The sample of case f       files will be identified by the provincial team     leader.

 - draft 4 case studies that demonstrate thematic issues which emerge from the    case research

 - draft a provincial report that consolidates the findings from the respective province   according to a predetermined template

 - Contribute to the overall consolidation of research data and comment on the    overall project report

- Decrease absenteeism among girls due to menstruation-related    challenges

 - Decrease teenage pregnancy

 - Provide a support systems for girls and youth to complete school

  - Have a vision for their futures which includes the knowledge, skills and     confidence to give themselves a job.

 The Bright Futures Programme is presented over twenty sessions with the learners, and   then the involvement of Tholwana is at an end.

Life Skills and Peer Education Training Programme for the Department of Education in all secondary public schools throughout the whole Free Sate Province.

4.   Additional Information

Tholwana e Molemo has participated in the EPWP program delivery through the deployment of Youth Facilitators to Training Service Providers. The organization has facilitated the employment of Youth Facilitators in various job opportunities through its vast network of associates. Some of the Youth facilitators have participated in international youth programs as national representatives.  

Tholwana e Molemo

NPO 049-618 / 2006/049618/08

Non Profit Organisation


14 Plettenberg Street, Dan Pienaar,Bloemfontein, 9301

748 Moroka Location, Thaba Nchu, 9780

PO Box 29604, Danhof, 9310

+27(0)51 436 3044

+27(0)51 436 9944

1.   Institutional Information


Designation                                       Gender        Ethnic Group

Chairperson                                       Female              Black

Deputy Chairperson                        Female              Black

Board Member                                  Female               Black

Board Member                                  Male                   Black

Board Member                                  Male                    Black


Designation                                       Gender         Ethnic Group

Chief Executive Officer                    Female               Black

Financial Manager                            Female               Black

Operations Manager                        Male                   Black

Administrative Manager                 Female               Black

Youth Development Manager       Male                   Black

Human Resource Manager             Female               Black